Local Kingpin Course Debut 2016

local kingpin course for lead generationLocal Kingpin is the name of the new course. The creators of Local Kingpin course have been in local lead generation since 2011 and designed the course for local client consulting and lead generation.

If you have ever generated leads for your business using SEO and it’s been effective, you may have seen within the last few months, Google search and results pages have changed the way they display their results now.

If you’re doing some sort of search with local intent, you’ll notice that there are up to four ads now above the maps box, what they call the “three pack”.

So you end up with four paid ad listings and then the maps three pack with
three maps listings before you ever get to any organic listings.

A lot of the properties that had ranked organically, that used to generate phone calls for businesses that were not in the map’s listing, they were just organic rankings, if you didn’t have a physical location for the business so that you could write in the maps section of the three pack.

They saw their call volume drop like 60 to 70% from what my normal call volume was.

When they started digging into it, they found out it was really just because of the way the search and results pages
are displayed now with four ads and in the map’s pack which takes up like a big part of the screen. Get the course now while the price is low!

You have to scroll below the four in order to get to the first organic listing. So you have to pass seven other listings in other words to get to the first organic listing. So when their call volume dropped significantly they needed to fix it.

Feeling an obligation to their clients and also their own income stream they started looking into Google adwords and
discovered that this is something that they’ve never done before as an Seo company.

Paying Google for traffic seemed like crossing over the dark side.lkpc-lesson3

After playing with YouTube ads, they learned a lot about how to run YouTube ads and been doing that for almost two years now and had good results with it. But they never wanted to pay for Google search. Get the course now while the price is low!

So long story short, they started looking into doing Google adwords because if there’s four listings at the top of the search results on desktop, on mobile is usually two ads, and if they can get good at it, learn how to use it finally and do it profitably, then they could rework the entire lead gen business to be working on the Google ads platform.

That’s really how Local Kingpin course came about because they needed to fix their own lead gen business based on how things had evolved, the search engine, how Google had evolved.

Then once they started doing that, they realized that there was a really good potential there and it’s on demand traffic generation. Because you can set up a local funnel such as a landing page and set up an ad and within 24 to 48 hours, you could be actually generating leads.

It’s a very effective strategy for local lead generation.


They call the course Local Kingpin because it’s a way to set up these local funnels very quickly

They call the course Local Kingpin because it’s a way to set up these local funnels very quickly once you understand the process and turn traffic on immediately, then you can go show results to a prospective client or to a service provider. For example, if somebody’s going to be purchasing leads from you, you can show them results immediately, like right up front as you are pitching them.

He says because too many people approaching businesses, and this is the thing. A lot of local businesses have tried adwords either they try to set up themselves and they blew a ton of money and wasted it, or they hired a local guy or a big AdWords agency that doesn’t give the small budgets, the small advertisers the care and attention that they deserve, or they hired somebody locally that didn’t know what the hell they were doing and they pissed a bunch of money away.

They’ve noticed that in discussions with their Seo clients, every time they brought up AdWords they’re like, “Oh no, we’ve tried that, it doesn’t work. We waste a lot of money …” blah, blah, blah. Well it’s because they weren’t doing it correctly or the people they hired weren’t doing it correctly. Get the course now while the price is low!

If you understand and learn how to set it up and optimizing campaigns, which is key, then you can make profitable campaigns and treat as a vending misuse of slot machine. so instead of just throwing money into AdWords and hoping and praying that you’re going to get a return out of it, if you have everything set up and all your conversion tracking and everything, you should be able to put a dollar in and be able to tell with almost guaranteed certainty how much money you’re going to get back out.

So I’m going to put a dollar and I’m going to get two dollars or more back out.


So I’m going to put a dollar and I’m going to get two dollars or more back out.

So, okay if that’s the case well then I’m going to put in as many dollars in as I can possibly put in. so every time I pull that lever, that AdWords lever, in other words every time I put money in AdWords, I know that I’m going to get my money back plus whatever my return on investment typically is.

Once you understand that and you can start crafting your campaigns to where they become profitable, then you know it’s not a matter of risk, it’s a matter of fine-tuning campaign and just investing in that traffic which is going to turn into customers and get provider return on investment.

It’s too often in the SEO industry everybody looks at Google as the enemy.

To be honest I don’t and I never have. The reason why is because I built my entire business on Google, on being able to — I use Google products, Google Drive and all they have, including Gmail, who doesn’t, and you know all the applications that Google gives us for free plus the Google search engine which is how I make my income.

So you know I’ve never thought of them as the enemy. I’ve always thought of Google as like a partner of mine. I didn’t ever learn AdWords because I was so effective with SEO and generating leads with SEO that never needed it. So I just always avoided it.


It’s Local Kingpin on-demand traffic generation

But now it’s evolved to the point where Google is trying to get more people to advertise. That’s how they make their revenue. So instead of fighting them, if you can’t beat them, join them. That’s what the creators or Local Kingpin course did was start to mess around with it and actually found that it’s a lot easier than SEO.

Don’t get the wrong idea, SEO is great because you can put in some work in and once you get ranked, it can generate leads without additional cost.

Seo is free traffic, but it’s is not free, because a lot of time and effort and/or money that goes into producing results that can bring you organic traffic. But why not set up AdWords campaigns for on-demand traffic generation and that’s the tag line of the product.

It’s Local Kingpin on-demand traffic generation and it’s because literally you can set up a funnel or a landing page and drive traffic to it within 48 hours.

You have bonafide leads coming in. If you want to pursue organic SEO traffic or maps SEO traffic which is what I recommend for any local business to do, is to always focus on trying to get into the maps pack, you can work on that while you have traffic coming in and funding the business, fueling the business. You can work on the SEO which is going to take some time, a few months, anywhere between two to six months to get ranked.  Get the course now while the price is low!

In maps, once you get ranked in maps, you’ve got both organic or the maps listing which can drive traffic generate leads and then the paid traffic which can generate leads. so you have the best of both worlds which when you do an average between your paid leads and your free leads or the leads that come in from SEO, that lowers your overall cost per lead or cost per acquisition considerably.

So you end up, your profit just goes up from there is my point.


You can delegate the work so you don’t have to do it anymore.

You’re saying test with paid traffic by converting money, keywords the ones that people are actually clicking on in part, converting whether the conversions or sale or lead whatever it may be and then target those with your SEO efforts.

That’s SEO elitism. Yes, specifically because the way that anybody that has ever purchased any products from mastery PR or Semantic Mastery knows the level of detail that goes into all their courses, what they do when they create training products is they go into minute details.

The reason why is because they typically provide, set up the training so that anyone can pass off the training to virtual assistants and have them learn the process and then repeat the process that I never have to do it again.

So they only learn the process long enough to be able to provide step-by-step training on how to do it. Then you can produce that and handout off so that you can have other people do it for you.

You can delegate the work so you don’t have to do it anymore.

Get the local kingpin course on lead generation for local businesses

local kingpin course on lead generation for local businesses




That’s what this course is laid out for in the exact same way. This is no different than the rest of our courses. So therefore if you were to purchase this, Local Kingpin, even if you have no AdWords chops, no AdWords skills whatsoever, it’s fine. Even if you’ve never done local marketing before, you could go through this and know how to set up local funnels, essentially just like two-step funnels but I call them local funnels, local landing pages, whatever.

You can set up these little landing pages and set up ads campaigns, connect all the accounts with analytics and search counsel, get everything fine-tuned and working well and then you can do that just by going through the course even if you’ve never done it. Get the course now while the price is low!