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Everyone says that we develop lots of content. Even we do. On one of our own blog, we’re at seven a week, plus a podcast a day, plus three or four videos few weeks, and then with all our other blogs and client blogs, I think we’re doing around like 150 to 200 a week. So the idea is if General Motors can keep producing cars, “why can’t we end up creating content.” So in order to produce more and more content, one needs a team. If I get an order of 1,000 high-quality blog posts a week then what would I say? I would say yes, the reason is simple. I have a team.

Okay, so, the way I look at it is when you have to create a lot of content, there are various people involved. For illustration, one content creator can only create three or four high-quality articles per week. So what you’re going to do if you’re creating 1,000 is you’re working with probably 20 or 30 people.

Whatever the math is. Like, subdivide by three or four. – 333. But the thing is how do you make this process fool-proof? So if you look at the relevant procedures, what happens when you have a blog post when you work with different writers. First, you come up with a topic. Then you assign it to the writer, and the writer writes it, outlines it, and after he summarizes it, you have to approve it and then edit it. Right? Then you can send it back, okay, write this. And after they write it, then you have to approve it, and maybe they’ll become some added version. Also, hiring writers for a full time like a 9 am to 5 pm job somehow doesn’t work.

Schedule does not work

Paul Graham from Y Combinator talks about two types of schedules called manager’s schedule and creator’s plan. And what happens in manager’s schedule, they’re more higher-level looks. So you have a lot of implications, a good deal of announces. But for people who are inventive, who are columnists they work at Odd hours. It’s really hard to have that during the daytime, especially for freelancers. So , with a lot of writers, it doesn’t work out when you have them full-time, when “youre working” nine to five, when interruptions are happening the most.

I genuinely get inspired by the KissMetrics. I keep it really simple, right? There’s like all these extra features in Trello I don’t use. Like, you can change complexions. Your job is to make sure whatever is under your line, you move it to the next. And then, the other person’s errand is to clear the piece. And you cannot mess that up, you know. – Yeah, you can’t. And it’s really simple and it’s scalable. Like I said, if we want to produce a thousand articles of the information contained a few weeks, we could.

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We once create thousands of hundreds, so. It’s not that much harder to proportion. Now you guys know how we grow content. Feel free and follow the process. You can even go to and find the writers that we’re using.'

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