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A complete and accurate analytics account of a client is few and far between. That encourages you, agency expert veteran, to roll up your sleeves and try to make it work regardless of the chaos you’re looking at for each unique situation.

How Fixing Client Analytics Can Help Agencies Sell More

You didn’t plan for it. You didn’t charge for it. And now, if you don’t fix it, you’ll face an uphill battle in trying to prove the resulted you delivered. Like it or not, addressing this issue head-on and fixing client analytics can help you sell more, and sell more profitable work. Here’s why… Read more at Kissmetrics Blog

Digital transformation is changing the way the channel does business across all industries. Currently, organizations are focusing on providing new types of applications, such as Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence or Virtual Reality.


Why Big Data Analytics is at the Heart of Digital Transformation

Big data analytics is the heart of the digital transformation. It provides the ability to analyse data quickly and to transform it into an action plan, in order to get better insights, to take faster and more accurate decisions, and ultimately have a valuable competitive advantage. Advanced analysis grants businesses more of an insight into any organization and production processes, customers and… Read more at IT News Africa

Why Data Analytics Is the Future of Everything

Big data analytics and apply to people. Everybody here is an business of one kind or another. Who would like to have more customers? Everyone. What is the best way to get customers? Have a global brands. If you do not have all that you have to find them. How do you find them? With new tools, we can find them… Watch here

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